Diversity and Inclusion committee – chaired by Theresa (Tess) Tanenbaum, and including Rebecca Rouse. This committee will work to further inclusivity and equity within our community and the discipline at large. Projects to tackle will be determined by a needs assessment of the community members, but one initiative already underway focuses on trans-inclusive publishing practices in terms of facilitating author name changes. Please reach out to Tess directly if you are interested in working together, her email address is: tess.tanen at Come join us and let’s make a difference together!

Graduate Research committee – led by Sarah Brown. This task force puts a focus on research by grad students (Masters and PhD) to further exchange, provide support and offer a forum for early career researchers. Contact Sarah Brown to join the committee (sarah.brown at

Promotion and Advancement committee – led by Hartmut Koenitz and Josh Fisher and including Luis Bruni and Colette Daiute. The aim of this committee is to create a tenure equivalency document and recruit a team of expert reviewers for tenure and examination. Those interested should reach out to Hartmut Koenitz (hkoenitz at

IDN in Education committee – led by Jonathon Barbara. This committee will be looking into how IDN can become a part of school (K-12) curricula and will be producing a white paper with recommendations. Students are also welcome to join as task force members! Those interested should reach out to Jonathon Barbara (barbaraj at

Task Forces

Task Force on Inclusive Pricing Structure – led by Agnes Bakk. This task force will be looking into how to adjust registration for membership and conference registration according to GDP. Those interested should reach out to Agnes Bakk (bakk at

Task Force on ARDIN Outreach – led by Maria Cecilia Reyes. Aims of this task force are to create awareness about Interactive Digital Narratives and around ARDIN, and to build partnerships with industry, art and education institutions, among others key stakeholders. Contact (mariaceciliareyesr at

Discord Channel(s) are available to ARDIN members