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Transformative Experiences Workshop:

Transformative Experience through Interactive Narratives – Christian Roth, Elisa Mekler, and Nick Bowman

Wednesday (top)

Narrative Systems 1

Crafting Interactive Narrative Games with Adversarial Planning Agents from Simulations – Chris Miller, Mayank Dighe, Chris Martens and Arnav Jhala

Towards the Emergent Theatre: a Novel Approach for Creating Live Emergent Narratives using Finite State Machines – Craig Paul Green, Steve Gibson and Lars Erik Holmquist

A Novel Design Pipeline for Authoring Tools – Daniel Green, Charlie Hargood and Fred Charles


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  • Twine and DooM as Authoring Tools in Teaching IDN Design of LudoNarrative Dissonance – Jonathan Barbara
  • Towards Design Strategies to Support Children’s Narrative Writing Through Enactment – Niloofar Zarei, Francis Quek, Sharon Lynn Chu and Sarah Anne Brown
  • Towards Gestural Specificity in Interactive Digital Literary Narratives – Serge Bouchardon
  • How to Create Magic in VR? – Agnes Karolina Bakk
  • Tale of T(r)ails: The Design of an AR Comic Book for an Animal Welfare Transmedia – Mara Dionisio, Paulo Bala, Sarah Oliveira and Valentina Nisi


Honey, I’m Home – An Adventure Game with Procedurally Generated Narrative Puzzles – Lilian Morgan and Mads Haahr

A Natural History Museum Experience: Memories of Carvalhal’s Palace – Turning Point – Vanessa Cesario, Sandra Olim and Valentina Nisi

Ares 2036: Exploring the Space of Rapid Prototyping for Transformative Interactive Storytelling – Christian Roth and Julie Dacanay

Using Reverse Interactive Audio Systems (RIAS) to Direct Attention in Virtual Reality Narrative Practices: A Case Study – Aletta J. Steynberg

Digital Narrative, Documents & Interactive Public History – Tristan Revells and Yuzhu Chai

The Story Maker – an authoring tool for multimedia-rich interactive narratives – Ektor Vrettakis, Christos Lougiakis, Akrivi Katifori, Vassilis Kourtis, Stamatis Christoforidis, Manos Karvounis and Yannis Ioanidis

Tell a Tail 360o: Immersive Storytelling on Animal Welfare – Paulo Bala, Mara Dionisio, Tania Andrade, and Valentina Nisi

Interactive Narrative Theory 1

*GFI: A Formal Approach to Narrative Design and Storygame Research – Rogelio E. Cardona-Rivera, Jose P. Zagal and Michael S. Debus

*The Case for Invisibility: Understanding and Improving Agency in Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch and Other Interactive Digital Narrative Works – Anna Marie Rezk and Mads Haahr

*When the Fourth Layer Meets the Fourth Wall: The Case for Critical Game Retellings – Steven Sych

What might an action do? Toward a Grounded view of Actions in Interactive Storytelling – David Thue


Conference Opening Session

Narrative Systems 1

Interactive Narrative Theory 1

Ian Livingstone Keynote

Thursday (top)

Narrative Systems 2

Embedded Narratives in Procedurally Generated Environments – Thomas Lund Nielsen, Eoin Ivan Rafferty, Henrik Schoenau-Fog, and George Palamas

User Testing Interactive Web Documentaries: An Empirical Study and Work for the Future – Nicole Basaraba, Owen Conlan, Jennifer Edmond and Peter Arnds

Digital Storytelling in a Web of Things Application – Mortaza Alinam, Luca Ciotoli, Frosina Koceva and Ilaria Torre

Interactive Narrative Impact and Applications

Capturing User Emotions in Interactive Stories: Comparing a Diegetic and a Non-Diegetic Approach to Self-Reporting Emotion – Sarah Anne Brown, Cheryl Resch, Vanessa Han, Srividya Vaishnavi Surampudi, Pratyusha Karanam and Sharon Lynn Chu

Interpretive Play and the Player Psychology of Optimal Arousal Regulation – Matthew Higgins and Peter Howell

*The Procedural Nature of Interactive Digital Narratives and Early Literacy – Cristina Sylla and Maite Gil

*Vim: a tangible energy story – Skye Doherty, Stephen Snow, Kathleen Jennings, Ben Rose, Ben Matthews and Stephen Viller

Interactive Narrative Theory 2

Weird and Wonderful: How Experimental Film Narratives can inform Interactive Digital Narratives – Chris Hales

How Do I Restart This Thing? Repeat Experience and Resistance to Closure in Rewind Storygames – Alex Mitchell and Liting Kway

Dramatic Narrative Logics: Integrating Drama into Storygames with Operational Logics – Kenneth Tan and Alex Mitchell


Narrative Systems 2

Interactive Narrative Impact and Applications

Kate Pullinger Keynote

Interactive Narrative Theory 2

Friday (top)

IDN Research Discipline and Practice

Circuits, Cycles, Configurations: an Interaction Model of Web Comics – Alessio Antonini, Sam Brooker and Francesca Benatti

*Archiving Interactive Narratives at the British Library – Lynda Clark, Giulia Carla Rossi and Stella Wisdom

*Gated Story Structure and Dramatic Agency in Sam Barlow’s Telling Lies – T.M. Gasque, Kevin Tang, Brad Rittenhouse and Janet Murray

Narrative Systems 3

*Letters to José: A Design Case for Building Tangible Interactive Narratives – Daniel Echeverri and Huaxin Wei

*A Systematic Analysis of User Experience Dimensions for Interactive Digital Narratives – Ashwathy T. Revi, David E. Millard and Stuart E. Middleton

*Toward a Block-Based Programming Approach to Interactive Storytelling for Upper Elementary Students – Andy Smith, Bradford Mott, Sandra Taylor, Aleata Hubbard-Cheuoua, James Minogue, Kevin Oliver and Cathy Ringstaff


IDN Research Discipline and Practice

ARDIN General Meeting

Narrative Systems 3

Mark Bernstein Keynote and Building the Discipline Panel Debate

Conference Closing Session

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