Draft Activity Report 2019

ARDIN Activity Report 2019

In its first year, the focus for ARDIN was on creating a solid legal and organizational structure for the association in order to best support the members and enable sustained growth of the field. 

These activities included:

  • Incorporation of the Association in the Netherlands with tax-exempt status
  • Setting up of a bank account for ARDIN
  • Writing of Guidelines for future conferences
  • Writing of an inclusiveness policy
  • Creation of a new board structure enabling both quick decision making in an executive committee and a general board whose members represent the different interests in the field as well as provide specific help to members. 
  • Organization of an online conference on Benchmarking Interactive Narratives in collaboration with Nicolas Szilas (University of Geneva)
  • Started the process for the creation of a journal for the field with MIT Press
  • Build a website for ARDIN with public and members-only content

The first year of ARDIN has been quite successful in preparing the ground for future growth. However, it has also become clear that the existing board structure – inherited from the former ICIDS steering committee – cannot support the needs of a growing and continuously existing organization. While the ICIDS steering committee was meant to pay attention to the planning, and organization of a yearly conference, ARDIN needs to be able to support a young but rapidly growing field. This suggests the need for both a larger general board to support the various activities of the association, and a smaller executive board to enable quick decision making. 

With the groundwork in place for ARDIN to move forward, we anticipate an exciting future ahead of us. We look forward to hearing how we can best work with our members to continue to develop the field of Interactive Digital Narrative.